July 2005 News!

Death & Taxes Honors Founder Tom Shannon with the Release of New Material

On November 14, 2002, Tom Shannon, creator of the band Death & Taxe$ died from a cancer that seized his brain. The surviving Death & Taxe$ members give to you The Alaska 12 Expeditions, an album of recorded material recorded in Tom’s honor with help from their musical brethren. The result is what might be the strongest and most thought provoking Death & Taxe$ material to date. The Alaska 12 Expeditions is made up of songs written with Tom while still living with the disease. It was recorded after Tom’s death with the intentions of raising awareness and funds for cancer research.

Vince and new drummer, Dean McCall, made sure that these efforts would not fade in vein and discovered a way in which they could bring goodness out of such tragedy: record an album that would help raise money to fight the disease that took the life of Tom, and so many others. This album is an act of love and respect in musical form. Tom’s legacy runs strong in the release of new material from his final years. He would be proud.

The Alaska 12 Expeditions takes compositions from the last days and applies the spontaneity of several guest artists to deliver D&T as never heard before. From the intense, stormy depths of “Misunderstanding a Little Less Completely” to the vulnerable throes of “Revolver”, the versatility of D&T shines. Including a song that was completed on the night of the band’s last rehearsal, eerily titled: It Is Now Becoming Fantastic. The drive from previous releases is still evident, but with a passion and maturity yet unheard. Punctuated with tracks of Tom in lucid form, “Alaska 12” takes you through a journey of living, loving, and transcending.

Joining Vince and Dean were musicians Mark Segal (percussion & harmonica), bassist George Radai, saxaphonist Marc Mylar, and guitarist Anthony Cossa of the great improv band, Bag: Theory; solo artist Matt Brown on keys and vocals (formerly of Genesis cover band, Cinema Show featuring the late Shaun Guerin); former D&T drummer Don Medina; and the mighty voice of John Stack, singer/songwriter of the hard rock band Numira. And of course, recordings from the man himself, Thomas Patrick Shannon.

Death & Taxes is the premier prog rock band from the South Bay area of L.A. since 1986. The Alaska 12 Expeditions, as well as previous releases “Paradigms for a New Quarter” and “Theenigmathatisman” are currently available here.

Sales of The Alaska 12 Expeditions will be used to support the worthy cause of cancer research. Proceeds will go to UCLA’s Jonsson’s Cancer Research Center.


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