July 2005

Busy as ever!  Vince Martinez is currently in the studio recording songs that will be released under the name Leveler

Leveler was formed by Vince Martinez in 2004 during the Death & Taxe$ recording sessions of “The Alaska 12 Expeditions” (a CD that benefited Cancer research in honor of D&Ts founding member and bass player, Thomas Shannon, who succumbed to the disease in 2002).  Vince Martinez recruited fellow Death & Taxe$ surviving member, Dean McCall on drums, and studio musician/long time friend George Radai (Paper Bag, Ritual, Shut Up Marie) for Bass duties.  Together, they present an eclectic form of rock guaranteed to move feet and turn your head.  Jazz Rock lives!

As did Death & Taxe$, Leveler continues the same songwriting spirit of hard driven, creative rock that blends jazz, ambient, rock and sometimes metal elements into a unique sound of their own. 

Also, Vince is now an active and contributing member of the band Present Tense. http://www.presenttenseband.com 

Present Tense is a great band based out of LA that creates somber moods with great melody.  Think Pink Floyd meets Portishead.

Expect Vince Martinez to appear on a new recording with them before the end of the year.  In the meantime, you can hear samples and purchase Present Tense’s latest CD “Childish Things” @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/presenttenseband

Last, and certainly not least, Vince is hard at work on the next phase of Death & Taxe$.  Writing and recording for the next album has already begun.  Expect this album to go in yet another musical direction in search of new sounds and textures.  The next Death & Taxe$ album will feature new members Tom Stillwagon on bass and sequencing and Amanda Rowse on vocals, clarinet, and theramin.  Expect nothing.  Death & Taxe$ will once again discover new musical territory.  New album: early 2006.  Stay tuned!

April 2004
Message from Vince

Don’t forget your Taxe$

The new Death & Taxe$ CD “The Alaska 12 Expeditions” is now for sale. Dean and I will continue to work together musically, but have not yet decided if we’ll continue performing under the Death & Taxe$ moniker. Some days, it just doesn’t seem the right thing to do. And other days, it makes all the sense in the world. In the meantime, Dean and I are currently working with George Radai, who’s bass playing is featured on the new disc. We will do a few local gigs to support this CD with George on bass. We are also developing new material with George Radai managing the low end for us. I’m as enthusiastic about these writing sessions as I am about this new disc. I believe both offer a fresh serving of musical nutrition. It has always been my goal to never write the same album twice. I believe that I’ve accomplished that with The Alaska 12 Expeditions, and I’m positive that my new direction will reflect yet another side of rock.